The locations we will use throughout our products will all be very isolated and eerie, as majority of the filming will take place at night, therefore displaying the dark genre clearly throughout. Also be using isolated areas we are able to create a great amount of vulnerability for the protagonists, therefore making the antagonist appear much more powerful.  The locations will be as follows: An abandoned garage, Stoke Albany and the inside of a cleaner’s closet.
Stoke Albany village will be used in order to create the very beginning scenes of the teenagers driving on there road trip, I have chosen this particular location as the start of a slasher trailer always begins light hearted and I believe this village will create this relaxing atmosphere due to the beauty of the area. This initial start will juxtapose the sinister end, making the killings become more brutal.
The abandoned garage will be used for the middle part of the trailer as the teenagers car brakes down; this will be the start of the scary content as within a slasher films something always has to go wrong in order for the killing to begin.
Finally, the inside of the cleaners closet will be used as the torture chamber for victims as the enclosed area will create a sense of being trapped, again making the teenagers become more vulnerable and making the antagonist appear inhuman.


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