Magazine drafting

Kirsty scans_Page_1

Here is my front cover brief for my winter magazine. For this magazine we have decided to use a light blue colour for our masthead as we think it represents snow and ice, which links with out winter edition. The colours we have chosen to use for our cover lines are going to be in greys, light purples, light blues and black, we have also used these colours as we think it links in with winter.  We have chosen to use a close up because we think it will attract the audience as it is close in on the face and will look professional. This will be relevant to my target audience because the image is not over the top and pose, its more natural.

Kirsty scans_Page_2

This is the draft contents page for our magazine. When designing the contents page we looked at many different music contents page and found that we did not like any of them as we thought they looked to over crowded, because of this we decided o look at fashion magazine contents pages and preferred the lay out of these. The stories used in the draft are just rough as we are not sure what kind of stories we will be using at this point, before adding in our stories we will have a look to find what stories are more appropriate for our magazine and then decide what ones we will be using.

Kirsty scans_Page_3

Here is our double page spread draft that we have chosen for our winter edition magazine. We have decided to use a large close up of the model we will be using as we think our audience is aimed at older people so using only half of the second page for an image this means there will be more writing which we think appeals more to an older target audience. Also having a larger image of the model can attract the audience to wanting to read it. After looking at the results of our questionnaire we found out that our audience like a variety of different texts, such as interviews and articles, so we have decided that we will include both.


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