Completing the filming for Educating Corby

We believe that we have now completed the filming for our documentary of Educating Corby, meaning that the next stage is to edit the video into an advertisement that we can include within our ‘Shows’ section of the website, by embedding the video from YouTube after we upload it. These are a selection of the final images that we wish to use on our website, as we created many more scenarios that can be used in order to convey the realism of the documentary, as it looks upon school life.

The focus of the later filming was to get more teachers involved, as by conveying the teachers, it would be conventional to the advertisement of Educating Yorkshire, with the blend between students and teachers making the programme look and sound also extremely effective. We tried to ensure that the mise-en-scene of the footage that involved teachers highlighted the background of a school – which we were able to do successfully as the teachers were extremely happy to get involved with our project. We had to give the teachers lines to say, showing that we were fully prepared for the types of language that we wanted them to use, before we simply asked them to act passionate in order to represent the school in a dynamic and positive light.

We then needed a shot of the Academy itself, with this allowing us to combine the footage together by ending it with a shot of the school, with this another convention that we found out from our research of existing programmes about schools. Yet again, these images will not only be used within the advertisement video that I wish to edit within iMovie – but also as part of the collage for the website images, alike the previous post.

Barker MrBland MrBurton


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