Preliminary Task

For my preliminary task, I had to create a school magazine front cover and contents page that would appeal to people of a teenage target audience. I drew a rough sketch of both of these, which I posted on my blog before hand.

I have designed my preliminary task front cover, here it is below:


I have stuck to a dark blue theme as the school logo consists of a dark blue. Also I have chosen the images I have as they are images which involve education. For example it shows someone studying which links with the title next to it about getting better results. something which is included in the magazine. I haven’t completed the magazine to perfection as their are many things which could be changed.

Preliminary contents.fw

Again, I’ve gone with the blue theme due to the school logo, keeping everything remotely the same. I have included some eye catching images which involve F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton who recently visited our school. I think that would catch the audiences eye. Also I have included a Sixth Form Round Up which could encourage younger years to read about sixth form and think about joining when their turn comes. I have included some other stories on how to help you revise for your upcoming exams and have also given you a chance to read about Lodge Parks Winter cup story. On page 11 you can read about A-Levels and what they offer so that you can start thinking about planning your future. Lastly, have a sneak peak at what school trips are available this term.


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