My Magazine so far..


Here is my page design for my front cover. I still need to add my pictures in but this is what I have decided to have my front cover as. I may have to make some little changes and tweaks once the image is ready to be placed on however. I stuck to the colours of summer using the yellow, blue, pink and white. I used Billboard as an inspiration for my front cover and managed to make my story in the bottom right hand corner look like something they put on one of their front covers. I stuck to using a bold font for showing the name of the magazine because I think it would make the target audience look and think that the editors of the magazine know what they are doing. It also makes the magazine look more confident because they are proud to put their name in bold and make it stand out on the page. Although the main image may cover it up slightly. contents.fw

Here is my contents page. I have used orange as this is another colour that I think represents summer, as it is a colour that is based around the sun. I also decided to include the black as these two colours compliment each other. Although my magazine is a summer theme this does not mean that every single page has to be pink blues and whites, as this would make the magazine look boring. Additionally the contrast looks better rather than looking the same throughout. The layout I have used is simple yet effective. I have got the titles for each section of the magazine with the pages that have stories linked in. This layout I feel will appeal to my target audience because the layout is simple but looks mature and readable. I have also included an advert in the corner of the page encouraging readers to subscribe to the magazine.

double page.fw

Finally this is the layout for my double page spread. The left hand side of the page is all plain because that’s where the image is going to be. I have stayed with the pinks and blues as I think that these colours compliment each other, especially on a white background because the reader will be able to see fully the colours that are used. Additionally I have used 2 columns for the articles as this makes the page look more professional and neat. This fits in with my target audience as it is aimed at a mature target audience and by having a simple layout they will be more likely to read it.


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