First stage of filming Educating Corby

The first aspect that we wish to film is our documentary within our school, because we believe that this will take the shortest amount of time – as a result of the fact that we can do it within lesson time. We were able to get a lot of the footage recorded today, with this being extremely successful for our group, as I can now spend time to edit the footage within iMovie, so that I can make the trailer for the programme ‘Educating Corby’ look as effective as possible.

In order to represent the programme in a realistic manner, it was necessary to get as many people from a different range of age groups as possible – meaning that I had to get permission to get students out of lessons in order to allow us to film them for our trailer. We had to take many of the shots several times, as a result of the fact that it was not always possible to have a successful shot instantly, though this meant that we took care in order to get a variety of shots for the advertisement.

Here are some images from the footage that we collected together as a group:

educatingcorby5 educatingcorby6 educatingcorby3 educatingcorby4

These are the types of images that we believe we want to include on the website, because they advertise what the show is all about. The collective spirit of a school is represented clearly, as well as a range of students being shown in terms of age group, with this conveying that it is a realistic programme alike Educating Yorkshire, with this something that we have looked into with our research.

Moreover, these images have been edited slightly in order to make the colour stand our more within them, as this will appeal to the audience because of the vibrant feel to the images, which is yet another reason that will entice the audience towards the visually pleasing aspects of the site.

Before we started filming and taking photographs for the advertisement of the documentary, we had a clear intention of the types of shot that we wanted to include, meaning that we could get them without wasting any time. Today, we wanted to get a lot of the collective shots completed and taken, because we thought that these shots would potentially take the longest to film, due to the way in which it is slightly hard to get a group of around 8 people to take the filming seriously at all times. This was the reason for the amount of takes that were needed for our advertisement.

This selection of images will not only be used within the advertisement itself, but they will also be used in a collage of images that will be on our ‘Shows’ page, as aforementioned, we wish to use a blend of images in order to fully entice the audience, rather than placing a focus upon textual aspects of the site.


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