Preliminary Task Planning

preliminary task front cover plan

This is the layout I am using for my preliminary task.  The top image is for the front cover and the bottom image is for the contents page.  The title for the magazine will be ‘Lodge Park Academy News’ and I will put the main image of a student revising on the left side of the page.  I will also have a lead sports article on the bottom left and then cover lines down the right side of the front cover.

preliminary task contents page plan

The contents will be similar to the front cover in the format, with another lead article, on Sixth Form, at the bottom of the page.  Then a couple of images – one of Sixth Form students and one of the Play Your Part logo.  On the contents itself, I will have the page number that each article is on so that it’s easier for people to find the article they have the most interest in.

I have chosen these particular layouts because they are simple but effective and eye-catching.  This is a school magazine so it doesn’t need to look too professional therefore a simple format is okay for this type of magazine.


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