Online Audience Research

Firstly, the online audience research is really helped me and my other team members to look into and understand the key areas that make up a good pop magazine.  We have researched the Typical Conventions, carried out Form Research, and look at Audience Profiling.  Me and my team members have been able to use this research to assist the drafting of our magazines.

The form research focusses on the layout and specific features that you find on a pop magazine for example cover lines, mast heads, gutters and colour schemes.  It was vital that we took these features, plus many more, to give us a clearer and more accurate picture of what our magazine was going to look like.  As we are making a front cover, contents page and double page spread, we had to find the features you would usually see on each page which again helped us in ensuring there were the necessary features drafted out on paper before.

The form research was similar to the typical conventions in that it looked at the layout of the magazine with the features present, but also the stereotypical representation and gender representation of the artists shown on the magazine.  We had to focus on how the representation of people suits the typical audience of a pop magazine and what this audience wants to see on the page.  For example, the typical audience for a pop magazine is young and often female so usually they would want to see a young male and female artists that is looking happy and someone that gives a fun atmosphere to the magazine.  Therefore, they wouldn’t want to really a picture of a woman like Rihanna, with hardly any clothes on and looking like a ‘boy-toy’ because this is just inappropriate for the type of magazine.

I also researched Audience Profiling which concentrates on the areas of society and the types of personalities who read pop magazine.  The terms used are Demographics and Psychographics – Demographics focusses on the certain people in society and Psychographics concentrates on the personalities.  I found that the people in society who read pop magazines are in the C1 to E categories because they are less educated and often younger people.  However, I found that the personalities who read pop magazines are Mainstreamers, Aspirers and Explorers.I have taken this into account when doing my draft because I have separated text and images in a way that is easy to read and understand and the design of the front cover in particular is quite cluttered looking which a typical pop audience likes to see.


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