Website Update

We have decided to use a slightly different design for our website compared to what we originally intended to create. Instead of the original design, we have decided to have a moving slide show of images from our main shows that will move automatically in order to attract the audience towards our brand – as well as our channels. As aforementioned in a previous post, we will be using a channel launch information box – and this will be included within this slideshow in order to allow the audience to gain all of the relevant information needed about our channel so that they can watch our shows without any issues.

Furthermore, we have decided to change the original font that we were going to use, as we believe that we have found a more visually pleasing font that the audience will enjoy more. This font makes our brand appear as more professional and also improves the overall outlook of ‘Ignite’.

Another change that we wish to make is to change the original structure of the website. This means that we will no longer have a page on our website that is titled ‘news’ – because we will include all of the relevant information within the ‘shows’ page instead – hence meaning that the trailers we create for the website will have their own dedicated page that viewers can easily navigate towards. Within the ‘shows’ page, we will allow the audience to look at a separate page which is known as a ‘single post’ on the Wix website. This means that we will give small parts of information on the site, but it will require the audience to click the button that says ‘read more’, as this will entice them further into the website and will give them the information that they wish to learn about the shows and our television channel.



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