Overall audience research analysis

From our audience research we have been able to decide on certain aspects of our production. We have decided to have a large amount of shock moments in our trailer to grasp the attention of our audience, paired with a mix of heartbeat sounds, rock music and silence at matching moments, to fully create a tense atmosphere. Our focus group answers gave us the idea to have the rock soundtrack directly before the silence, then followed by the heartbeat as this would provide to directly contracting atmospheres which both produce different feelings of adrenaline, to capture our audience and make them feel involved in the product.

We have also decided that although our audience would like a brave, strong female protagonist, as it doesn’t fit the stereotype of the genre we are going to go against the audiences preferences and have a virtuous and pure female protagonist. This is due to the fact that stereotypically the antagonist targets victims that are more sinful and an outgoing female is less likely to be seen as pure and would not provoke the right reaction from the audience because we want them to feel as though they need to protect her, in order to draw them in.

After looking at our survey results paired with our focus group answers, we have chosen a location that looks as if it could be in the middle of nowhere with no surrounding civilisation and therefore no means of help, however it’s also going to look slightly closed off to show that the victims have no way of escaping what’s coming for them.

Our chosen colour theme for all of our products was obvious after looking at our survey, the majority vote showed that black and red was the clear choice, which we have taken into account and intend to apply to all of our products.

For our storyline options we have again chosen to go against the preferences of our audience. Our survey results showed us that they would prefer to see a backstory of the killer and more into his mind and behaviour, however, we have chosen to follow the stereotype of the genre and simply show a killing off of all of our victims as we feel that this is closer to what we have planned to achieve through our product.

Lastly, we have decided that all of the elements of sin should be shown in our product as this was the most popular choice, however we will probably spread this across the characters, rather than having all of them showing every element, to avoid any scenes looking too busy and clustered. Also, we have decided that we will not be incorporating Todorov’s theory as this would involve some resolve at the end of our product, however this wouldn’t leave any mystery or reason to see the full movie.


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