Final Pitch and Final Drafts

Final Pitch :

The name of our opening sequence is going to be The Rising. We have chosen this name because we believe that it links to our genre of psychological horror and it connotes the theme of death and someone returning from the dead. The name relates to our antagonist as our antagonist dies in the events before our opening scene, but then comes back to play on the protagonist’s conscience. The tag line for our film is You Won’t Forget Me. We have chosen this tagline because it signifies our theme of somebody coming back from the dead. After researching our genre fully we have gathered a greater understanding of psychological horror and how it can affect the audience. The engaging of our audience can be done throughout the use of relatable themes such as using a modern house from today as our setting, as this makes the audience think that this could occur to them in an everyday situation. We can create a sense of fear within the protagonist through the use of many close-up shots in our scene that show the fear on their face.  Also, there will be mainly close-up shots of our antagonist, as we feel that we can connote more suspense and shock through this. We can also link this to the use of Levi Strauss’s theory and his representation of good vs evil. The shots we are mainly going to use are close-up shots, as we feel these will really deliver what we want our audience to experience while enduring our opening scene. We have also decided on an establishing shot at the start of our sequence, as we feel this can really open up our scene to the audience and then draw them in with a closer shot. The basic structure of our storyline is that there were two friends, but one of them dies (the antagonist) before the events of our opening scene and it turns out it was the other person’s fault (the protagonist). It begins to play on the protagonist’s conscience and the antagonist keeps reappearing in flashes.

Final Drafts:

Cory scan Clicking on this link will take you to my 3 paged storyboard.

Before making are product we needed to storyboard are ideas and this is above . A few ideas that we had which we really want to use are the establishing shot at the start this is because this shows where most filming is going to take place so it gives the idea of the setting to what the viewers going to see , we were also really keen to use the POV shots throughout because it gives a sense of what the protagonist is seeing . Finally we find it key to finish the opening sequence with the films name ‘The Rising’ because we feel this will leave the reader thinking.


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