Analysing A Behind The Scenes Interview Shoot

One of the elements we will include on our website to encourage the audience to watching our channel and the programme included is a behind the scenes video involving the cast of the new show we will produce. The website will be mainly focused around this new show about to be broadcast with a large variety of information and insider looks into the show so the audience can get an idea of what to expect and hopefully will be encouraged to view it. In our behind the scenes video we will have the cast of the new show discussing their characters, the storyline and the main plot to the whole show as the audience will hopefully relate to this and it will peak their interest in viewing the programme.

To gain ideas on how to successfully create a behind the scenes interview video I have analysed one involving the cast of hit American comedy ‘The Big Bang Theory’. We gained ideas from this video such as the main topic of discussion in a behind the scenes shoot which is usually the storyline for an episode. As seen here the cast mainly focus and talk about the role the character of Leonard’s mother will play in an upcoming episode and provide information on the character and the dynamic that exists between her and the other characters. Therefore to develop the audiences understanding and increase their interest about the show the cast will discuss in depth the new show and its different elements.

Getting an insider’s view, someone who is on the set and knows exactly what is going on is going to intrigue an audience because they are witnessing first-hand what is happening on the show therefore members of the cast are a reliable source of information. Also the behind the scenes video here doesn’t just focus on one person individually and their opinions and cuts to multiple members of the cast giving their thoughts and opinions. Therefore getting multiple members of the cast to give their thoughts and opinions on the subject matter is going to give the audience multiple view-points and therefore when we shoot our video we will use multiple members of the cast that we’ve selected to be a part of our new programme to speak about the show.

Also it is clear from this behind the scenes interview shoot in particular that the members of the cast are not going off a script, they are giving their own thoughts and opinions in an improvising fashion and therefore the audience are getting the genuine and real thoughts and opinions of the cast. We will aim to create this sense in our behind the scenes interview shoot as well because it would look unprofessional if it was clear the cast were following a script and it would be obvious that these were not their own opinions and ones that have been formulated by someone else. Therefore the audiences are going to be far more interested and invested if the cast are proving their own opinions and thoughts.


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