My template

I have attached an image to this post which shows my template of the front cover of a magazine. I wanted the background to fade as I feel a solid block colour can be too outrageous, this is why I chose the light mint green colour which fades to a white. I chose green as this is a colour that appeals to both genders as when doing the focus group I found that my volunteers both liked the colour green. The masthead is simple as the colour of the text is the colour of the background, this is because I feel the contrast between white and the font colour helps the title to stand out (I will change the ‘and’ colour as a more exciting colour when making the real magazine, but will need to perform trial and error as I struggled picking colours for this certain text as it is in the middle).

We will split ourselves up and decide what template we like best with the help of students and the children that featured in my focus group, whoever has more votes will then create the front cover, this is so that the process is fair. Whilst they are then making the magazine front cover the other can focus on creating the DVD cover.


(The remaining space on this template will be used for fun images and cover lines to interest the audience).


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