Production of Website

For the production of the website, we have decided to use as mentioned in a previous post because this is a free website that will successfully allow us to create the type of site that we want to make.

In order to create our website, we had to first choose a theme. As a group, we looked extensively into the options available as there was a multitude available, though ultimately we chose the TV Series Fansite template, because we believed that this had an effective design in place that would allow us to edit successfully. We can change all of the elements of this website in order to allow us to aim our content at our chosen audience, though we believe that the overall design is something that we will not alter too much.


After finding our template, the next step was to delete all of the content that was already in place, so that we can change it accordingly to our design drafts for the website. We deleted all of the links and textual content, as well as images, though we kept the placeholders because this would allow us to insert an image in the original design of the website. We will be able to change this at a later stage and ultimately this design will be very useful for our website to appear as effective. As I continue with the process of editing, I will try and implement as much of the content as I possibly can, as we continue with our schedule of filming and finalising our ancillary products – in order to ensure that we keep a cohesive essence within our products that is consistent and professional.

We have agreed on the URL ‘Ignite’, with this simply being because it reflects the name of our channel and therefore there will be no confusion in terms of this aspect. We already know the programmes that we wish to highlight within our website, meaning that we simply need to get all of the appropriate photographs and footage ready in order to allow us to upload it to the site.


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