Audience Research – Analysis

From gaining our audience research we have been able to decide on certain aspects of our production. Firstly, we have decided to have a large amount of shocking content within our trailer in order to create a large amount of fear within our target audience. This content will also be paired with a variety of diverse soundtracks in order to set the tone and mood of each scene. Upon receiving our audience feedback we have decided that the music we wish to use at the start is “Song to the siren” by This Mortal Coil, the reason for this being that we wish to create a light-hearted and tranquil start to our trailer in order to juxtapose it with the sinister nature at the end of the trailer. This shows the binary opposition of good vs. evil, a key theme that runs throughout the slasher genre.

We have also decided that although our audience would like a brave, strong female protagonist, as it doesn’t fit the stereotype of the genre we are going to go against the audiences preferences and have a virtuous and pure female protagonist. This is due to the fact that stereotypically the antagonist targets victims that are more sinful and promiscuous , therefore our leading lady would be killed off within the initial moments of our film. Also by having our main girl as sinful she is less likely provoke the right reaction from our audience which would be to feel as though they need to protect her, therefore gaining an emotional connection to her, making her death much harder to watch.

After looking at our survey results paired with our focus group answers, we have chosen a location that looks as if it could be in the middle of nowhere with no surrounding civilisation. This again makes the victims appear more vulnerable as there are no means of help from potential residents nearby.
Our chosen colour scheme for all of our products was obvious after looking at our survey, the majority vote showed that black and red was the clear choice, which we have taken into account and intend to apply to all of our products as these colours show the connotation of danger and blood, again two key themes within slashers.

For our storyline options we have again chosen to go against the preferences of our audience feedback as they would prefer to see a background story of the killer. However, we have chosen to follow the stereotype of the genre and simply show a killing off of all of our victims as we feel this would be the easier option and also establish our genre in a much clearer way.

Lastly, we have decided that all of the elements of sin should be shown in our product as this was the most popular choice, however we will probably spread this across the characters, e.g. displaying lust through a promiscuous female. Also, we have decided that we will not be incorporating Todorov’s complete theory as this would mean involving some sort of resolution at the end of our story. This will not be very feasible as majority, if not all victims are murdered, therefore leaving it very difficult for a solution to be made.


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