model release2

We will need a number of actors for all three of our tasks, these actors will all be the same group of people for each task. All of the actors have filled out a model release form in order for our production process to run smoothly without any legal difficulties. The actors we have chosen are all between the age range of 17 – 19, the reason for this being that slasher horrors always feature a group of young teenagers in order to display the high amount of sin that they commit and to create more vulnerability around there characters, making them easier to kill off. However, our male antagonist will be of a large physique as all slasher killers possess inhuman strength, making them all the more scarier and harder to defeat. The actors who will be in our production are: Molly Furey, Kelsey Watkins, George Mckillop, Rebecca McConnell, Rhianne Williams, Annie Hill, Sasha O’neill, Caitlin King and Jay Gilmour.


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