Roles Chart

Story Board Anthony, Leanne, Grzegorz We have decided that the whole group will make the storyboard for the opening sequence. Mainly to make sure everyone knows what will be included and what the opening sequence is about
Setting Up Anthony, Leanne, Grzegorz Considering we are filming at a schools workshop we are all responsible for the cleaning and preparing the area for the recording. We would have to move the tool, table and chairs away to make sure that the space where we are recording is safe. As well as the most important thing to do it to cover everything in plastic sheets to make sure that our mise en scene is done to the highest standard.
Director Anthony, Leanne, Grzegorz We have decided that everyone in our group will direct the scenes as it will be fair for everyone because it’s a group task. However, the main director will be Anthony and Leanne because they will   constantly be behind the camera, so they will get a better view of how the scenes are developing
Acting Grzegorz , Zaneta The acting will be done by two people:  Grzegorz, the main character (the villain), and by Zaneta that will be the supporting actor (the victim). We have decided that we are going to use them us our actors because Zaneta fits our requirements of an innocent girl that will help us create an effect on the audience. Grzegorz is a good actor which will help us make sure that the opening sequence will be done to very good standard.
Filming Leanne, Anthony Leanne and Anthony will film all of the scenes, because they have some   knowledge about cameras and how to work them.
Editing Grzegorz, Leanne, Anthony We have all decided to do the editing in the film as between us we have a profound knowledge of the software that we will be using and will help us create a good quality piece of work. We will split up the editing so that we all have different sections e.g. sound, quality, cuts etc.
Make-Up Leanne We have decided that the special effects make-up will be done by Leanne because she as a good knowledge on how to use the equipment and where to apply them compared to the rest of the group.

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