Focus Group

For this video I interviewed two young boys who fit in the age criteria that will be our ideal audience group. I purchased two magazines that were different these were ‘Horrible Histories’ and ‘CBeeBies’. These two magazines were different as CBeeBies is for the younger audience as they teach children how to count, how to spell and the magazine is full of colouring actitvites which are not exciting for an older audience. Whereas Horrible Histories is suitable for the boys I interviewed as the events that happened in history is fun and very different.

I was shocked to learn that a young audience would like to read a magazine that educates them as I said in one part of the video “So you’d rather read a magazine that educates you and you can learn instead of a colouring book?” to which Joseph agreed with. This was unexpected from me as I had always assumed children would like magazines with lots of activities in but they like to read magazines that have a purpose. This applies for the images as one of my volunteers said he liked the pictures.. “cause they’re colourful and they’re pictures of the subject that is on the magazine” I also found that they preferred animation over real images.

This video has helped me understand how my magazine front cover should look and the topics used as they have to educate the audience. I will also use a mixture of colour as this is what my audience preferred. I feel I am now ready to start creating the products now I have an understanding of my target audience.


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