Costumes and Props

For our opening sequence we want to make our antagonist look as intimidating as possible so to do this we have decided to use a surgeons outfit that we have ordered online as we have discovered from our research that it will be the best fitting profession. But we feel that the outfit on its own will not make it intimidating enough so to add more emphasis on the eeriness of our character we also decided to use special effects make up to make them have scars over their face which will add to the complexion of the villain. The costume for our victim will be generic, teenagers colours as we want to project that she is just a normal girl, but for the murder seen we will be using special effects make up such as wax, liquid latex, fake blood etc. to really amplify the gore and evilness of our antagonist that he has just killed a helpless, young girl.

We will require a few props for our opening sequence to ensure that we have the correct iconography and mise-en-scene in the shots. We will require plastic sheeting to cover the walls of our murder scene which will make the shot look clinical and show that our antagonist is a professional killer. We furthermore require a table and duck tape to tie down our victim which adds to the sense of innocence and helpfulness. Lastly we will also require a set of surgery tools which the antagonist will use to cut open our victim and again adding to the sense of evilness of our character.



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