Music Research

We looked at existing videos and the types of music that they included for the respective genres, in order to allow us to get an insight into the type of music that reflects programming effectively. We discovered that documentaries alike our own consistently use happy and upbeat music, because this will represent a school in a positive light, though as times this music can juxtapose the events that are being shown – as the realism of a school day is represented within the footage.

Within a reality television show, typically an upbeat soundtrack is played throughout the show, although the music used will differ depending on the location of the reality television show. For example, within ‘Made in Chelsea’, the music is light-hearted and upbeat as M83 – Midnight City is famous for being the primary theme of the show. However, within shows like Geordie Shore, dance and drum and bass music is prevalent throughout the entire show – hence representing the lower demographic and focus to be on partying within the programme.

Soap operas purposely have a popular theme that stays consistent for years, thus allowing the audience to recognise when a show is going to come on without even looking. The theme tune to this genre is essentially worldly recognisable, so it needs to be something that is extremely catchy and can become well-known easily. However, we will not be creating the opening for a soap opera, which means that the theme is not something that would be used. Instead, because we wish to create an advertisement that shows disequilibrium to be prevalent and because we wish to follow Todorov’s narrative theory, we want to use a lack of sound within the trailer, because this will create an eerie and dramatic feel to our soap opera. The sound that we will use can involve short, sharp sounds that can ultimately build to a crescendo at the end of the advertisement, purely for dramatic purpose yet again.

We do not wish to use more than a minute of copyrighted music for each advertisement, because this would not be conventional for the length of a television advertisement. We will look at a range of different research and look into a plethora of songs each, in order to recognise what we believe will be the most effective for each genre of programming.


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