Anthony: Thanks very much for coming. So the first question is ‘’what do you think of crime thriller genre?’’ Anyone want to go first?

Mrs Francis: I wouldn’t say they my favourite films. I think the trailer has to get me or the image of it or something has to get me interested. It has to be something that is quite thought provoking.

Mrs Johnson: I don’t mind people watching them but I can’t get my head around them.

Mrs Green: I’m very similar to miss, it’s not a genre I would choose necessarily but my husband loves thrillers so I usually end up watching them with him and there are certain thrillers that do catch up my imagination. I mean pulp fiction that is an epic film. I remember that as being one of the first proper fiction films that I’ve watched. But I think that the good thing about thriller genre is a lot of it can be related to things going on in the world around us, so things like terrorism, and things like. I don’t know what ever sorts of things going on in the world can be actually made into film. I think that makes them quite good. The usually quite exciting, fast paced aren’t they?

Anthony: Alright thanks very much, ‘’in your opinion what gender do you believe the antagonist (that’s the villain) should be and why?’’

Mrs Francis: I don’t think the gender is important, I think it just has to be not obvious from the beginning. I like kind of film where you got no idea who…, I have to be gripped, whether it’s TV or film; I have to be gripped from beginning, so it’s not important whether its male or female to me it just has to be not obvious. I wanted it almost to be…, you know…, I think it’s someone else like I’m completely wrong.

Mrs Johnson: Yeah, I agree without a doubt.

Mrs Green: My instinct was saying it should be ideally a man, I know it sound sexist but I do tend to think of men as being the antagonist in these things but I do quite like the idea of a female villain like Cruella De Vill and those classic sort of female villains and you know they can have blood red nails, and you know bright red lipstick and you know, you can still create a good female villain just as you could with male villain. I think it’s all to do with as miss says, you’ve got to create a good character so as long as you film it right and you get all the props right.

Anthony: Okay, what do you most enjoy of thriller movies?’

Mrs Francis: Yeah if I’m going to watch them mine would have to be some sort of suspense I guess, although saying that now you dropped my memory and show me Taken I like the beginning bit of that when…, don’t know if it was the fact that his daughter was taken and cos it was a young person kind of got me in so maybe that was…, cos we knew who it was straight away with that one, dint we? So I think this got be something that…

Mrs Johnson: Attract you into the film

Mrs Green: I just like the dark nature of thrillers, they sort of take you into a world that I’m not used to. You know, my world is sunshine and rainbows. So you know they take you into the sort of this darker side of life that I don’t know anything about, so it kind of enlightens me to what some people do in their day to day lives.

 Anthony: Do you believe a surgeon would be the best fit for an antagonist?

Mrs Johnson: That’s good I like that.

Mrs Green: I like it too.

Mrs Johnson: That may change my opinion on the genre.

Mrs Green: Well, I like the idea because you think of a surgeon as being someone you trust and someone you admire and someone who is well educated and moral…

Mrs Francis: Like a Hannibal isn’t it?

Mrs Green: Yeah, and if you have someone as surgeon as antagonist that creates the little bit of dichotomy…

Mrs Green: Definitely, What do you think miss

Mrs Francis: Yeah I’d agree with that, I think like you say they’ve got a position of trust and if you sort of breaking that aren’t you? I like that idea

Mrs Green: It’s a position of trust that if you would to abuse a position of trust like that, that is a lot more disturbing isn’t it?

Anthony: In terms of the victim, what age group do you believe is the best fit for the crime thriller film and why?

Mrs Johnson: I would always say probably in mid 40s only because if it’s any younger its feeding children information. What they can do. Do you think?

Mrs Francis: But I think one of the reason why I like Taken is because it was his daughter and she wasn’t really, really young, was she? She was probably around 18, I can’t remember, but it was that kind of connection like he needs to find his daughter that got me watching it, so I don’t necessarily want to see a child victim as such, there is something that grabs you a little bit more maybe.

Mrs Green: Oh yes, it’s a difficult one really. I do think of a victim as being younger, but not necessarily a child, but younger because they younger, they more vulnerable and also it gets you more emotionally involved if you can relate to it in some way, so for example I am a mother so if it is a child that is in risk you can almost understand why the protagonist goes to the length that he does to save his child because… you can relate to it. So yeah definitely young I think, under 25.

Anthony: What gender should the victim be and why?

Mrs Green:  It depends on what gender the antagonist is.

Mrs Johnson: Yes, whether it is the surgeon

Mrs Green: If you’ve got a female antagonist I think it will be an interested shift to have a young male victim, but on the other hand typically victims tend to be young female aren’t they?

Mrs Francis: Because obviously we’ve been able to in the first few minutes be able to like that victim, they need to have that likeability about them whatever that is, then I don’t think that the sex really matters.

Mrs Green:  I really agree with miss about that I think that having that connection with that character within the first couple of minutes I don’t think that matters when there they are young, old, male or female.

Anthony: okay, last question what time of the year do you believe would be the best setting for the crime thriller genre and why?

Mrs Johnson: I would say that the dark winter time because every closes there curtains early don’t they.

Mrs Green: so with my English head on, if we look at pathetic fallacy that does imply that if you have bad things happening you have bad weather, if you have good things happening you have good weather so if you were to go with pathetic fallacy you would have dark, stormy, wintery weather.

Mrs Francis: yeah I certainly don’t think that a bright sunny day are kinda the way to go, its defiantly got to be a dark wintery theme.

Mrs Johnson: Yeah I don’t think when you go to the cinema to watch a thriller and its nice and sunny outside that it will have the same effect.


From the transcript we have come to the following conclusion;

  • The gender of the antagonist should be male
  • The storyline should be puzzling and intriguing
  • A surgeon would be the best fit for our antagonist.
  • The victim should be a young female to project the sense of innocence
  • The setting should take place in winter.

We are very happy with our overall outcome of the results as they agreed with all of the points that we have planned in the research stage such as the victim being female, having a puzzling storyline etc. The focus group gave us an undersrtanding of what our target audience enjoy out of the this genre and it gave us a target for when we come to our production planning.


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