Final Pitch

After conducting research into our chosen genre, we have concluded the different features and shots we would like to include in our opening sequence of a crime thriller. Combined with the results from the focus group and the questionnaire, we have concluded that the best fitting scene will be winter due to the fact it has the ideal iconography for our genre which includes a cold, dark feel. They also said that a surgeon would be the best fit for the antagonist’s role in our scene as it will make our target audience feel uneasy due to the fact that it goes against stereotypes. In terms of the overall structure of the opening scene, we will have an establishing shot to begin with which will identify to the reader that it is winter, (including shots of frozen leaves, ice etc.) this giving the iconography of cold and dark to the viewer. During the establishing shot there will be a long, symphonic sound that will gradually get louder and louder until the scene suddenly cuts to a chase seen with the victim (teenage girl) running away from something with the use of fast paced editing, this will create suspense for the viewer with the contrast between the two shots.

After that the victim will be captured and it will suddenly turn to black, from which a few seconds later the victim will wake up in a torture setting tied to a table with the use of a first person shot, we will great a sense of panic by using heaving breathing and heart beat like sound. Continuing on the antagonist will enter the room dressed as a surgeon; he will examine some of the tools that he has on the side of on the table, all the while the sound building up creating more tension. Then the antagonist will use a tool to torture the victim of which the camera will face the wrong direction to imply that it is too horrific to watch, and again adding to the viewer feeling that they are actually there themselves. Finally, we have a shot of the antagonist going into the bathroom, putting on a suit and walking out the door which gives the image that he is getting ready for work and implies that they are an average person (which gives the impression that the villain could be anyone). The last shot will be the antagonist wiping off blood from his cheek before walking away and then the title of the film will appear.


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