All of the costume will be sourced by my model herself as this gives us easy access to it as well as her having the items I would like. For my models costume I have chosen to use an overall “darker” tone to the costume as this fits well with the dark and raw style of the magazine and the genre in general. The darker tone also assigns a level of dominance to the model over others in the magazine. Both my model and I decided on the outfit of a band t-shirt, ripped jeans, black boots and a leather jacket. The t-shirt came from the idea of music and it being common item worn within this gene, we decided on having a classic rock band such as Nirvana, Guns N’ Roses or ACDC. The ripped jeans idea came from going against the mainstream fashion. Having ripped jeans is a clash with common fashion and it connotes roughness. The boots again were a common  fashion Item found amongst the genre as well as them again going against society with them being so large and unique. The last item to finalize our costume was the leather jacket, we chose this as we knew this was a very popular fashion Item within the genre and style as well as it connoting a rough ideology and linking with the “rockstar” persona.


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