Risk Assessments and Model Release Forms

Here is an example of risk assessments for the locations of our filming; we will not be uploading images of them all, because this will take a long time to do and so we are just evidencing an example. We have filled out these risk assessments for each location in order to see if there were any danger areas.

It is vital that we carried out these risk assessments because it meant that we were aware of the issues that we had to deal with whilst filming in the different range of locations. We are using the school’s equipment and this means that we have to ensure that it stays in perfect condition, whilst maintaining the high standard of the respective advertisements for each show.


Here is an example of a model release form that I have filled out, as I am starring in the reality television programme. As with the risk assessments, I will not be uploading photos of all of the forms because there are huge amounts of them, due to the amount of people that we had to get model release forms from. The primary form that requires the most forms will be the documentary, as we wish to use a vast amount of people within our school to include within our footage.

In order to film in some of our locations we require someone to drive, with this being for the reality television show. This is very useful because it means that we can get shots not only of the car, but also shots inside a car, as we can use some dynamic camera angles in order to engage the audience with our programming.



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