For my pictures within the magazine, I will be taking photos without a tripod and being doing it handheld as I will be able to capture more photos at better, more adventurous angles. I will be using  a Fujifilm SL1000 to capture all my photos. The camera belongs to my brother so I will be able to have easy access to it. Along with this, I will have any additional filters and wires needed to transfer images onto the computer for final editing.fujifilm sl1000For editing, I will be using Adobe Photoshop. I chose this as it has a range of effects and editing techniques. I have access to Photoshop at both home and school so it means I have more places to edit pictures. I have watched tutorials online that will help me when editing my final pictures.Adobe_Photoshop_CS4_icon_(2)I wont be using a backdrop or any lighting as the pictures I will be capturing will be at a live gig. I feel like the necessary lights will be provided and I also feel like no background is needed as it is at a live gig.

In terms of actually creating my magazine I will be using Microsoft Publisher, again, I can access this program at home and school so I have more places to edit. I will use this program as I feel as it is the best for it.publisher


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