Costumes and Props

For the documentary ‘Educating Corby’, there will not be any specific costumes in place because of the fact that we will be showing the students and staff with their usual uniform. This means that we do not have to sort of the issue of costumes, because each actor within our film will already have the required costume available, as a uniform is all that we need to convey the realism of a school environment.

For the reality television ‘#CorbyLife’, we also do not need any particular costume, as we simply intend to represent the characters in their usual day-to-day lives, with the focus upon their behaviour rather than the actual clothing itself.

For the soap opera ‘Oakley Vale’, we will only need a phone, as we want to convey a form of disequilibrium with a phone call at the end of the advertisement. By using a phone, we can end the advert on a cliff hanger – hence following Barthes’ hermeneutic theory of essentially a cliffhanger, hence creating suspense for the audience.

There will be no specific use of props apart from our soap opera, because we want to indicate a sense of disequilibrium as the main character within the advert will be pregnant, so we will use a pillow in order to clearly highlight to the audience that this character is pregnant – and this will also be very easy to do.


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