Audience Profiling


The target audience for our products will be a mass audience as the slasher genre is very popular, as they are easy to follow and create a great emotional reaction from the audience. The target audience is 18+ this being due to the high amount of gore, violence and nudity that will be potentially featured throughout. The socio-economic group I believe would be C2 down to E as the plot of our slasher film isn’t very hard to grasp therefore the amount of thought put into the film would be very little. More than often Slasher films lack a plot; the narrative is just based upon a group of teenagers getting killed off by a psychotic serial killer one by one therefore someone of a higher class may not find this particular film challenging enough for them as the plot is very easily predicted before even watching the film. I believe the psychographics our products would be strugglers, mainstreamers and aspirers. The reason I believe strugglers would be an ideal audience is because one of their key traits is heavy consumers of alcohol, alcohol is another stereotypical element of a slasher as the teenagers featured are usually vulnerable due to the use of drugs and/or alcohol therefore these types of people would be able to relate. Mainstreamers are an ideal audience for our products as they are part of the mass and this film is appealing from ages 18+, as the plot is again very easy to grasp, therefore the majority would be able to watch it with ease. Finally, Aspirers are also ideal as one of their traits is that they are more attracted to the packaging rather than the quality of the contents. This relates to our products  as in general slasher  films all possess the same type of content therefore the audience in reality are just paying to watch a remake of the same plot but with a different desolate location,  more idiotic teens and a more brutal murder.


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