Focus group transcript.

How much would you pay for a magazine that was realised monthly?
George: Um about £3 – £4.
Kelsey: Yeah about  £3 – £4.
Alex: £3 – £4 is about the norm.

What sort of artists would you like to see on the front of the magazine?
George: Slipknot, System of a Down bands like that.
Kelsey: I’d say Enter Shikari and Paramore.
Alex: Someone like Metallic on the front.

What would you like to read about in a rock magazine?
Kelsey: Uhhhh up-coming tours.
George: Maybe like finding out new things about members of famous bands.
Alex: Probably like album reviews.

What colour scheme do you think would fit best?
George: Black, or two colours that contrast against each other.
Kelsey: Black and red.
Alex: Yeah I’d say it would mainly consist of black.

How do you think the artists should be presented on the front cover?
Alex: With their instruments on them.
Kelsey: Like sort of formal, but not too much that they seem too far from their audience.
George: In a way that fits the genre that they are.

From the this transcript I have collected many ideas that will help me in developing my final front cover. The main idea that I has helped me is the colour scheme. I was always unsure on the colour scheme and had limited ideas on what the final one I chose would be. This transcript helped me as I knew that I needed black in order for it to fit well along with a bright and contrasting colour. My focus group helped me with the actual contents of the pages, for example, the other bands that I would include in my magazine and also the way the artist/s are represented on the front cover. I have chosen some of the bands that my focus group stated as I knew that the bands they mentioned would be popular within that audience, which happened to be my target audience.


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