Focus Group Transcript

How much would you be willing to pay for a magazine based on the pop genre?

Daniel: £3

David: I would probably pay between £2 and £2.50

Josh: If I were to buy a magazine I would probably only pay £2

Which existing pop magazine do you prefer?

Daniel: I don’t read pop magazines but ‘We love pop’ looks the best

David: Billboard

Josh: We love pop

Why do you like these pop magazines over others?

Daniel: I like the ‘We love pop’ magazine because of the front cover is full of images and has a bright colour scheme.

David: I prefer ‘Billboard’ because it is more informative

Josh: I prefer ‘We love pop’ because it is more informal and has a chatty format

Which pop band or artist would you like to see on the cover?

Daniel: One direction because I find them inspirational to young audiences

David: Madonna because I think that she is very interesting and inspirational

Josh: Lady Gaga because I find her really wacky and out there

If you had to pick three colours for a front cover of a pop magazine, what would they be?

Daniel: Blue, Green and White

David: Any but they would have to be bright and colourful

Josh: Blue, Red and Orange

Would you like the pop magazine to be seasonal?

Daniel: Yes

David: No

Josh: No

What my first question has told me about my target market is that my magazine needs to be fairly priced which implies that my target market is of a young age because they wont have a lot of money to spend of a magazine but also it means that my magazine would have to be monthly because again they wont be able to afford it every week. What this means is that I would have to include a lot of content which would help with my cluttered format like most pop magazines have in common.

My second question helps me to style my magazine, this is because I have asked my focus group to specify what their current favourite pop magazine is. My focus group mostly said We love pop which meant that I will style my like that but also aim it at young teenagers unlike billboard which is aimed at older teenagers.

The third question tells me what they most like about the magazines that they have chosen for the second question, this helps me because it identifies the most important parts of the magazine so if I follow it then my magazine should be more attractive to the target audience. The most important part of the magazine turns out to be the form therefore I will try to use a similar form as We love pop because this was the most popular pop magazine and it has the same target audience as my magazine.

My forth question tells me what type of artists they would want to see in a pop magazine and why, this is so that I know what artist to include but also why they are so popular. My focus group said that they like the artists they have picked because they are inspirational and very influential, this is important because it means that I would have to include role models and portray them as inspirational and positive.

My fifth question is about my colour scheme which allowed me to see what colours that my target audience liked so that it is easier to aim my magazine at them. My focus group liked vibrant and bright which goes with what my target audience like but also how other pop magazines have used such as We love pop and Top of the pops.

My final question asked about how I should style my magazine depending on the time of year like most other magazines do, my focus group have said they do not want a magazine to be seasonal so I will be doing a generic pop music magazine like one that you will see all year round unlike We love pop which love designing their magazines depending on the season.


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