This is my questionnaire about my pop research, when answering the questions could you please tick one unless informed otherwise.

How much would you be willing to pay for a magazine based on the pop genre?

>£1 £3-£3.99
£1-£1.99 £4-£4.99
£2-£2.99 <£5

Would you prefer the magazine to be formal or informal?


Which existing pop magazine do you prefer?

We love pop
Top of the POPS
Other (please specify)

How would you like the balance between text and images?

More images than text
More text than images
An even spread of both

Would you like the magazine front cover to be cluttered or organised?


What would you like to see inside a pop magazine?

Informative articles
Band/artists fact files Freebies
Interviews other

Which colour scheme do you prefer?

Pink and Yellow
Pink and Blue
Orange and Red

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