erin drafts_Page_3

Here is the front cover for our summer magazine in brief. We have obviously not included colour because it is only a draft. For this magazine we have decided that we want to have the masthead in white on a pastel pink colour background. The colours that we will use for the stories on the side will consist of yellow, white, blue and possibly black where appropriate. In addition we have decided to have the model on the front holding balloons because we wanted to incorporate a carnival theme within the summer theme. This is because carnivals usually come around in the summer time, as well as the balloons will be a bright colours which will blend in well with our summer theme. This is relevant to my target audience because the layout is very minimal and it is not overly cluttered. I have not included a load of images as I want the main image to be the main focus. This will stand out to my target audience because it means that they are not looking at a page that is overly cluttered and has too much going on. Also the stories are not immature and about things that young fan girls would be interested in. For example on a typical pop magazine there would probably be images of celebrities like Justin Bieber posing with their tops off. This would not be appropriate for my target audience because they are not interested in young men posing half naked.

erin drafts_Page_2

This is the draft for our contents page. We looked at a few different music magazine contents page and found that none of them really appealed to us as it looked like there was too much going on. Instead we decided to look into a fashion magazine and when looking at Vogue, we liked the layout of it. The stories that we have included are not definite they are only to give us a brief idea of what we want to include in the magazine and what are the most appropriate things to be included in. My contents page will be appropriate for my target audience as again there is not too much going on. the list of pages are in line with one another and each section of the magazine has a heading e.g.. Music. This makes the layout look simple however I feel that this is the most effective way to have it for my target audience. If there was a ton of images and text it would look too confusing and there would be too much going on. The conventions I have used for my contents page are not what a typical pop magazine would have, I decided to avoid that as it looks cluttered and un-neat as well as the fact my target audience is for a more mature group of people/

erin drafts_Page_1

Here is the drafting that we decided to use for our double page spread. We decided to use 3 images of the main person that the story is about as we seen something like this in a vibe magazine that we had previously analysed. We though it stood out and it would make the page look more like it has a large amount of images. We also decided that we wanted to use an interview for this magazine because it was an upcoming artist and not an established one. From the results that we received from our questionnaire we got the results that most people liked to read a variety of texts such as interviews and articles, so we wanted to include both. This is relevant to our target audience because there are going to be large professional images going across the page. As our target audience is aimed at older people they still want to read quite a lot of text however the images that are included should look professional and quirky as this will fit in with our magazine more sufficiently.


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