Over the past two weeks, Adrianna and I were not able to shoot for our trailer as we had been waiting for the new equipment to arrive. Now that is here, we are facing slight problems.

Considering the expense of the equipment, we are not to leave the academy’s site with the equipment, without a supervisor; therefore at this moment in time, we have managed to book out the mini-bus. However, I and my Media Studies teacher are trying to find a driver who could also be mine and Adrianna’s supervisor while we shoot the footage.

On the other hand, having a new equipment means expanding our skills. So what I am going to do over the next couple of days until we get to shoot is, I will watch tutorials on YouTube about lighting; this will help me use the lights on set in order to achieve the effect I want – this way the audience will feel even more engaged with the trailer and it will look a lot more professional.

In addition to that, during the lesson, Adrianna and I will also cooperate with out teacher in terms of learning how to work the microphone and the new cameras.


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