Textual Analysis

One of the first tasks that had to be done, was a textual analysis, a in depth study of opening sequence of a film from my genre, in my case, I decided to study the post apocalyptic genre because it shows a more promising array of resources and locations I can use compared to my previous idea for the genre which was sci-fi. The film I have chosen to analyse was the closest in setting to what I expect of my production, a ruined broken world (although I plan to have no futuristic elements, something which plays a key role in them movie I analysed). This film being the 2013 production known as oblivion.

I created the analysis in the form of a prezi presentation, it can be found in the link here: https://prezi.com/1bupdmmshj-n/textual-analysis-of/

EDIT: For the sake of studying from more than one source, i have created a second textual analysis for the film ‘I Am Legend’.This analysis can be found here: https://prezi.com/kqoa4dhgnei-/textual-analysis-part-2/


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