This is a transcript of my media opening sequence that I created to get a collection of results. I produced my survey on Survey Monkey and the link to this is : .

1.Would your prefer the opening sequence to be graphic horror?

Yes                         No                          Maybe

2.What setting would you like to see the opening sequence?

School                     Old House               Forest                     None of the answers

3.How would your prefer the time of day in the opening sequence?

Daytime               Night                     Bit of both

4.What age group do you see acceptable for graphic/physiological horror?

PG                          12A                        15                           18+

5.What gender would you prefer the protagonist to be?

Yes                         No

6.Would you prefer the opening sequence to have a lot of discomforting music or jumpy scenes?

Discomforting music                   Jumpy scenes                    Bit of both

7.Would you prefer the set of the sequence to be busy with a lot of characters or just be one main character to be focused on?

A lot of characters                      Focused on one                Bit of both


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