We will be using a range of locations for our filming, so that we can clearly convey the difference between all of the genres of our shows.

For the documentary ‘Educating Corby’, we will be using the school for the duration of the filming, with this being because of the fact that the documentary focuses upon everyday school life, meaning that clearly filming in our own Academy is the most useful option for us. We can film during lesson time which is also extremely useful because we can film quickly and efficiently, as well as being able to re-film any shots without monumental problems.


For the reality television ‘#CorbyLife’, we will be using different locations in order to allow us to fully highlight what the area of Corby is like. However, our main intention is to shoot on a road that leads into Corby, with this allowing us to show the main character driving into the town, as well as shots within this character’s car. Then, the fundamental and vital shots will be shot in a local pub/restaurant, because this will act as the main area of the action, alike in how similar shows like ‘Made in Chelsea’ always show drama within a public setting – due to the drama involved.


For the soap opera ‘Oakley Vale’, we wish to use Beckie’s house for a section of the filming because we believe that this will be an appropriate fit in order to allow us to show the disequilibrium within a family environment.


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