In the prezi above I have presented my ideas and discussed my decision to follow the conventions.

To find the conventions I watched various short episodes of programmes that was viewable for the same audience. For example I watched a short clip from the television show ‘Glee’ which is suitable for my older age range. The programme features mid-shot  when students are seen walking in a hallway conversing, as the shot shows the environment behind them as the hallways are full of chaotic students trying to get to class. I also found typical characters are shown in programmes that are set in school. When researching I found that a quiet, awkward character is featured in these programmes as well as a bully that always has a revealing secret that is shared and changes an element of their life.

I also chose to research front covers of children’s magazines. I researched a certain brand called ‘CBeeBies’ which is a popular brand that appeals to young children. “CBeebies is for both girls and boys aged 0 to six years. This is a diverse and complex audience: two and three year olds are very different to five and six year olds.” ( When evaluating front covers I found I had identified the typical conventions in my textual analysis I have done. For example I found CBeeBies magazines are full of characters featured on the television show, this is to encourage the audience to purchase the magazine as their favourite character may be shown on the front. I aim to follow these features again to help the audience identify the genre for example If I were to only show one character on the front of a magazine the young audience would find this boring.

I feel when we create a DVD Cover we will have more freedom as I feel its essential to include the characters on the front and a blurb that a young audience can understand and will appeal to them. When I start to create a DVD cover I will research the text used at the back and other features to make sure the cover attracts to the audience.

I aim to follow all conventions above and on the products as it helps the audience to understand the genre and target audience. Plus an adult will possibly be the principal purchaser for their child and if we follow the conventions they can identify the magazines target audience instantly and purchase the product for their child.


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