Theoretical Research

This is a prezi below which has 3 main key parts that I have decided to expand and explain .Unfortunately I cant embed the prezi so the link is below.

Auteur Theory:

Auteur theory suggests that the best films will always have a clear identity and will clearly represent the director’s signature. It can have recurring themes throughout so that the director becomes memorable, with specific aspects re-occurring regularly. These themes will stamp individuality and personality, and viewers would be enticed to certain moments from specific directors as they would know that something was bound to happen.

An auteur has to:

◾Be technically competent and cannot merely leave these production elements to others

◾Repeated signatures will be apparent throughout stylistic and ideological themes

◾Personality is shown and will be evident within the films, and can be conscious or sub-conscious

Propp’s character types Theory – The theory supports about characters and actions as having narrative functions. Every character has one of these functions, and they provide a structure for the text.

◾The hero – a character that seeks something

◾The villain – the character who opposes the hero

◾The donor – the character who provides an object with magical properties

◾The dispatcher – who sends the hero on a quest via a message

◾The false hero – who disrupts the hero’s success by making false claims.

◾The helper – who aids the hero

◾The princess – acts as the reward for the hero and the object of the villain’s plots

◾Her father – who acts to reward the hero for his effort.

Todorov’s Narrative Theory – This narrative suggests that the stories will begin with a status or equilibrium of which opposing forces are balanced. This however will be interrupted by a certain chain of events, though problems will ultimately be restored to the fictional world.

There are 5 stages in a Todorov narrative structure:

◾A state of equilibrium at the start

◾A disruption of the equilibrium by some action

◾A recognition that there has been a disruption

◾An attempt to repair disruption

◾A reinstatement of the balance in the fictional world


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