Progress report

So far we have completed the textual analysis of six different psychological horrors between us and researched two influential figures of this genre. By doing these two tasks we have gained further inspiration to offer towards our own opening scene. We also did a textual analysis to get a good interpretation of the sort of shots that we will use in our production and we also discovered how lighting and setting has such a strong influence on the mediation of the film and we intend to use these ideas in our own sequence. We got inspiration primarily from The Woman in Black as this includes many of the conventions; it helped us to understand what is generally seen in horror films of the psychological genre. For example we have taken early inspiration from the window scene in The Woman in Black, which we covered in our response to the brief. After researching James Wan we have discovered that we don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to make a good production, and this was seen from the film Saw as even though it was on a small budget it went on to become one of the biggest franchises in the world of horror. We have decided our product will be aimed at a mass market and we will make a pioneering two minute sequence that will stick to the main conventions of the psychological horror genre. We are currently working very well together and we are happy with the progress that we have made so far.


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