Theoretical Research

The easiest way to understand the concept of representation is to remember that watching a TV program is not the same as watching something happen in real life. All media products re-present the real world to us; they show us one version of reality, not reality itself. So, the theory of representation in Media Studies means thinking about how a particular person or groups of people are being presented to the audience.  The term refers to the processes involved as well as to its products. For instance, in relation to the key markers of identity -Class, Age, Gender and Ethnicity (the cage of identity) -representation involves not only how identities are represented (or rather constructed) within the text but also how they are constructed in the processes of production and reception.

The main gratification theory that we are going to be using in our opening sequence is diversion as this theory is about the audience escaping from everyday problems and routine; we are going to use this in our opening sequence as we want to create a sense of panic in everyday life.
In terms of Todorov’s theory we decided to against conventions by creating a disruption in our opening sequence; we will achieve this by using a murder scene to create sense of panic to the audience (alongside the use of sound, editing techniques etc.) The main reason for this is so that the opening sequence stands out to the audience and amplifies the evilness of our antagonist.


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