Film – animatic and summary


After we have done the sketches for the poster and the website, and we created the film trailer storyboard, Mariana and I have made some final decisions. The locations that we were planning to use might slightly change as some scenes will have to be filmed last minute as we are both busy with school and in my case, work. We have to find times that suit us both. Therefore we will film the scenes closer to Mariana’s house, but still trying to keep the same setting such as the playground or the lakes. They will just not be the lakes that we planned to film at in the first place.

In terms of trailer, we’ve tried our best to use as many clichés as possible so this way we can meet all of the romantic drama features. We have also tried to follow the stereotypes, keeping the males typically masculine and the main female character girly and innocent (stereotypically feminine).

We will make sure that we’re subverting the Classical Hollywood Narrative theory because the characters will follow the stereotypes of women and men. The female character will be vulnerable, feminine and sensitive. The males will be presented as manly and protective.

Also, the trailer will start off in chronological order, however, we will then create a montage of the best scenes that aren’t in order to create excitement and to engage with our target audience which are teenagers and young adults.


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