There are several elements of indie magazines that I would like to take forward to my own magazine. For example, the use of a table-like structure to layout my work, which would make it look more professional, because it seems cleaner and more business like. Also, I have decided to follow the typical indie colour scheme, which is red, white and black. This is because, the white and black colour scheme makes it look professional, because it they are very business-like colours. However, the use of the colour red could connote to my target audience that I have a rebellious attitude as red can connote danger, which is a typical convention of indie music magazines. I will also, use yellow in my colour scheme as just using red, white and black would not match the explorer attitude i.e trying new things and ideas that is a common convention of indie music. Moreover, I will use bold letters for my masthead and title etcetera so that it gives my magazine a bold stance. This is so that it my magazine could connote a rebellious attitude, because the use of bold letters could show a bold stance against mainstream attitudes, which is a typical convention of indie music magazines. Also, I think I will try to subvert many common gender stereotypes of mainstream music magazines. This is because being against mainstream ideas is a typical convention of many indie magazines that I have researched due to sexism being morally objectionable, which is something indie magazines seem to be against.


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