Film – animatic & summary


After we have designed the sketches for the poster and website, and we created the film trailer storyboard, Adrianna and I have made some final decisions. The locations might slightly change and some scenes might be left ’till last as we all have busy schedules and we need to find opportune times when we can all shoot together.

After sketching the storyboard, I realised I am going to have to learn how to work voiceovers, as our trailer will include a lot of these. On this note, Adrianna and I have tried our best to use as many clichés as possible in order to meet all the romantic drama features.

We ensured that although we are slightly subverting the Classical Hollywood Narrative theory, the characters will follow the stereotype of women and men. The female character will be potrayed as being vulnerable, very feminine and sensitive. The boys will be shown as manly and ptrotective.

Furthermore, the trailer will start off by showing the plot chronologically in order to set up the story; however, we will then show the most intense scenes as we need to attract our target audience.


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