Names of Shows

As shown within our research, our channel wants to represent three flagship shows as part of our channel’s launch – a documentary, a reality television show and then also a soap opera. The next process after all of the research and after our final pitch is come up with a name for all of the shows, with a key thought on ensuring that these names appear as catchy, so that the audience can remember them without any problems.

Documentary – Educating Corby:

For our documentary that shows an everyday school life and environment, we have decided to call the show ‘Educating Corby’. We have chosen this name because we already have a prevalent knowledge about the series that is within place, and we know that this name is extremely well-known by audiences around the country, thus meaning that by using the same branch of ‘educating’ and then the name of our location – the audience will instantly be drawn towards the name. The popularity and success of the show is something that we can build upon with the use of this programme name, and it is also something that will be extremely useful for our group when it comes to creating the ancillary products. For example, when discussing the channel launch in the article, we can discuss how ‘Ignite’ have no gained exclusive rights to the programme and that it will become an exclusive to our channel, hence giving the channel a sense of superiority over other channels and will draw the audience towards our channel hugely.

Reality Television – #CorbyLife

For our reality television show, we have decided to use the name ‘#CorbyLife’, because this subverts the traditional names of these types of shows and conveys us to be dynamic in comparison to the rest of the reality shows that currently exist. Furthermore, this name instantly allows our target audience of 16-34 year olds to become an active audience with our show – as they can use web 2.0 and social media to become involved with our programme and our brand identity. The name of a hashtag easily allows both a male and female audience to use the name of the hashtag in order to tweet about it, and when a hashtag is successful it means that it can become trending on Twitter – hence allowing the name of our show to be conveyed to a potential audience that may not even watch it – but the popularity of the hashtag may engage them and persuade them towards our channel. This name is extremely vital for a social audience and a mainstreamer psychographic audience are the largest groups within society, because they have a clear understanding of the popular culture at a specific time, due to the way that they will use technology more than any other groups.

Soap Opera – Oakley Vale

Soaps are conventionally named depending on the location, with examples such as ‘Coronation Street’ providing the fact that the name of the show focuses upon the location. Within Corby, we have an area called Oakley Vale, and we believed that this would be an appropriate name for the show – primarily as a result of the fact that it rolls off the tongue and thus the audience will be able to remember the name easily.


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