Influentual Figure: Rob Zombie

rob zombieWithin this particular task we are thoroughly researching into the ‘slasher’ genre, our main focus being remakes of iconic movies and how directors put their own spin on them. The reason for this being our main focus is because we wish to create something that is very modern but at the same time can be easily identified as a classic ‘slasher’, we will still use original characters and setting but will follow the typical storyline of a slasher film as this truly defines the genre in itself. One director in particular that I feel truly revamps iconic films in a stylised and original manner is Rob Zombie who is responsible for the very different take upon John Carpenters “Halloween”. The reason we believe Zombie to be such a successful slasher director is because he doesn’t only create great fear within his audience due to the extreme content on screen but he also draws raw emotion from them as he creates a sense of realism that runs throughout his films, making his films become more believable and therefore much more interesting to watch. To create such realism Zombie delves further into the subject he wishes to portray, for example when creating the young Michael Myers, Zombie said “But in researching kids that kill other kids, which does happen, there was no explanation. It would be a normal kid.” Upon learning of Zombies techniques concerning realism, myself and Kelsey intend on thoroughly researching each character type we wish to include therefore creating a realistic and believable performance hopefully drawing a great deal of emotion from our target audience. Zombie also respects the repertoire of elements, this is clearly displayed through his remake of the iconic slasher “Halloween” as the key elements to the film are there. “To me I thought, I could have changed every single thing and nobody else cared. There was nobody telling me what to do. I wanted to keep adult Michael’s mask and his look. I thought that was sort of the iconic thing.” This particular approach to slasher films is also what we wish to follow as we want our products to be easily identified by sticking to the classic elements, therefore appealing to our target audience and a large fan base of slasher horrors.
isolated cabinThe-Texas-Chain-Saw-Massacre-01


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