Double page spread text analysis.

I will be analysing the text of a double page spread from Kerrang! magazine. I am doing this as a separate blog as I could not find a high enough quality page which I could study. I have scanned in this separate copy of a Kerrang! double page spread and I will be analysing the topic of the text and how they target their audience with it.

The first feature I noticed within the text on this page was the consistent use of swear words. Using these swear words already sets up the target audience as an older audience due to the appropriateness of swearing with an older audience. The scheme of the page and both the questions asked and the answers gave fit the genre of rock as they are appropriate colours. The darkness from the background blends well with the dark images, also it helps to emphasise the red from the questions and the text box in the middle of the page. This particular interview is essentially a Q&A session. I like this structure to the article as in engages the reader and because of the emotive and personal language it creates a relationship between the artist and the reader. I will most likely carry this structure over to my final production as I like the idea of building a relationship. they have used a pull quote on the page and this is a convention commonly found on magazines. It is normally read before the actual article itself which entices the audience to read further. One of the main features I noticed on this page was the red text box in the middle of the page. The text box includes a funny lyrics Q&A. They take the lyrics from the band and then see how good the lyrics are at chat-up lines. This contrasts the topic of the article, it being about one of the members being in a critical condition. So the contrast between these shows the band has a serious as well as funny side. This is something I would like to carry over as it shows both sides to the artists as well as fills the page up. I like the layout on the page as there is no large spaces on the page but it also doesn’t look too complicated.


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