Textual analysis of student work (3)



A strength of this page with that they have included a large image of the band of the right page and although the images is bad having it on the right page is good because it means that the image if the first thing that they see making the page eye catching.


One weakness of this students double page spread is that the image they have used has been stretched too much and as a result the image has become blurred which makes it look unprofessional but also a bad quality image makes it difficult to read what has been wrote at the bottom of it and difficult to feel the mood of the image. Another weakness of the images is that they haven’t taken it in an appropriate place because it looks like they have taken it is a school class room which doesn’t look good but also makes it look unprofessional, also the male look like he is even still wearing his uniform which isn’t what a musician would have on making it look unprofessional. Another weakness is that there is no introduction to this page it goes straight into the question and answer style and there is nothing to say that it would even be a question and answer article not even the contents page states this, which makes not only the double page spread but the contents page look unprofessional. Like the other pages this student has produced there is a problem with lack of colour which comes from the blank background and the simple answers to the questions meaning the blank space isn’t filled making this page look boring and also makes it look unprofessional.



I would like to include a consistent theme through-out my magazine like this student has done for it shows consistency therefore makes my product look more professional.
Another thing I would like to take from this student product would be all the correct magazine features such as a masthead, bar code, cover lines etc.
Another thing that I would take form this students work would be the large image on the cover because it helps promote the magazine if they have a successful artist or band on their cover. From what I have seen from some other professional magazines I should include a banner at the bottom of the page advertising other bands and if I include this on my magazine it will make it look more professional.
Also from other professional magazines none of them have blank or plain coloured background because they look boring and goes against the target market of a pop magazine which like brightly coloured magazines, this also applies for the lack of images and blank spaces on the contents page. Also using colour scheme is vital because it allows people to make an accurate guess at what the genre is at just a glance at the magazine.

What I would want to exclude from this students work would be the blank background because it doesn’t matter what genre of music that your magazine are promoting, a coloured background helps to make it more exciting and relatable to the target market. For instance a pick coloured background will relate to a pop market and a black background will relate to a rock market.
Another thing I would exclude from this students work is the close up images because they make it difficult to know the genre because they exclude the clothing and body language of the students and these are the things people look at when they are trying to guess the genre.
Another thing I would like to exclude is the unoriginal fonts for the main things like the masthead and the cover lines because having an original font will make the magazine look professional but also helps relate to the market because it shows freedom and creativity.


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