Progress Report

In our research so far we have learnt a lot of things. We have also gained a lot of ideas and information about what we want to include in our magazine.On the vibe front cover we liked how big the masthead other word ‘vibe’ was so we decided that we wanted incorporate a text that was bold and stood and, along with being the first thing that catches the eye. We also noticed that the magazines who felt confident that their audience would buy their magazine would have their masthead behind the image. We decided that we want the masthead behind our image as well because we decided that if we want our magazine to seem confident, then we need to mimic the things that bigger magazines are doing. By looking into our research we noticed that the stories that were included in the magazines represented the main target audience. Some of the stories were about drugs and sex, which meant that it would not apply to people underneath the age of 18 as it is not very appropriate. Because we want to expand our target audience and make it stand out to all possible buyers which means that the stories we include must be relevant to 16 year olds. Moreover we have decided that we want to do a winter and summer theme magazine. We decided this because we think that it will give us the opportunity to be creative and show our different ideas. For our summer magazine we decided that the colours if our house style are going to be baby pink, white and a very pale pastel yellow. We decided this because if a yellow is too bright it does not look very nice and is quite straining to the eye. We also think pastel colours are very popular right now so we decided to incorporate that as it will look more outstanding. For our winter edition we decided that the colours of our house style are going to be white, pastel blue and either purple or navy. We decided to incorporate some darker colour so that our magazines do not look the same throughout and it will show different ideas that we have for our work.


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