Progress Report

After carrying out our initial research, as a group we have many ideas that we want to include in our opening sequence that we are going to make. We will be creating the opening sequence to Crime Thriller that goes against Todorov’s theory because we think that by starting with a disruption rather than an equilibrium will catch the audience’s attention instantly and furthermore project the evilness of the antagonist of the film. We know that our target market will be a mass audience of 18-35 males and females because a wide range of people enjoy crime thrillers. In terms of the social-economic scale of A to C and the psychographic most likely to be reformers due to the typical narrative structure being challenging, it makes the audience try to figure out the storyline which is what this target market would be interested in. We have furthermore decided after studying student work we want to point a couple of techniques to ensure that we produce a professional piece of work. While doing our production we have decided to make sure we use a tripod at all times (unless its a handheld shot), keep dialog to a minimum to avoid the scene looking amateurish and lastly ensure that the scene is not shot in low lighting as it makes the video quality look poor.


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