Influential Figures

I decided to research the director James Wan as he directed The Conjuring and Saw. Because he directed two of the films I did for my textual analysis I think that he was the obvious choice to research to see where he gained his inspiration from. He went to film school and was always highly interested in the horror genre. His main inspirations when he was in film school were Kevin Smith, one of the big comic book writers at the time, and Robert Rodriguez, a film director, screenwriter and producer who was uncredited in one of James Wan’s favourite films Pulp Fiction, after directing scenes with Quentin Tarantino’s character Jimmie Dimmick. He took inspiration from the fact that these guys paved their own way, making the films they wanted to make. Wan and his partner Leigh Whannell left film school with a small budget of about $5000 so they had to come up with a innovative idea that would be easy to produce and this is how they came up with the concept of just two people in a room together, Saw. This was so successful that it went on to become one of the biggest horror franchises ever and helped to fund new ideas like the conjuring.


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