Group Roles

In our group we have 5 people involved in our production these are: Myself, Conor, Alex, Adrianna and Marianna each of us have different roles throughout our tasks for each specific section.
I am designing and creating the double page spread to advertise our TV channel called Indigo, I will stick to our colour scheme (purple and white) this allows us to attract our target audience (15-35) by featuring a variety of programming. By the style of our channel we are aiming towards the younger end of our audience, we have used the style of our influential figures (E4,BBC Three and ITV2) throughout our research we have found multiple convention which will benefit us when creating our products.
I will also be appearing in some of the images for our advertisements.

Conor will be designing and creating the website he will follow the different conventions that he has found from the websites he has been researching, after finding the conventions of the websites. Conor will use the research he has gathered and create his own website using the what he likes about the websites and introducing his own ideas.
Conor will also be appearing most of the images as a model for our advertisements.

Alex will be designing and creating a Newspaper advertisement using the information and conventions from his research he will create the Newspaper advertisements. Using the research he has found from our influential figures such as E4 he will design and create the newspaper advertisement following the colour scheme and style we have decided as a group.
Alex will be taking the photographs that will be used in our advertisements.

Adrianna and Marianna will both be models in our images for our advertisements.


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